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Signup for trade

This is signup page. Don't confuse if you don't see form fields for trades.
For new trades you need to make 6 steps!
After adding of trades this page should be reloaded by <F5> for new trades

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Step 1: Read Rules
  1. You can add many trades!
    i am interested a lot of quality trades!
  2. Minimal 10-20 hits/day
    I'm glad any small trades ;-)
  3. After submiting some new trades are ready to immediately. But ...
    they are limited by traffic and not get into my top list for as long as there will not be approved!
    Please don't write me for an approving (here no contacts as you see).
    I review new trades during 1-5 days if they have a few traffic (10-20 hits/day will be enough)
  4. Please use an appropriate trading
    To use matched niches, a thumbnail size, gallery skim and a content types! Example:
    MGP <--> MGP, TGP <--> TGP, Matures <--> Matures (not MILFs)
    Skim 50% and more! Your preview pictures (thumbnails) should not be more than 120% of my size in pixels!
  5. Maximum 5-6 sale spots
    But i like without any sale spots sites! ;-)
  6. You must have minimal design!
    I don't like quick-done at laps a sites!
  7. You should have a TOP
    You should have a trader top. Any fake top -> ban. Your top trades should be clean and same by niche and TGP type.
  8. Not payable country traffic allowed in moderation
    No sites with tons of China, Brazil, Turkey, Korea traffic. My script has a weight for every country and for a 10 china users you will get a one US user or 10 china ones
  9. I reserve the right to delete trades without notice
    Please don't use a permanent forces or use it at your own risk! But i remove the trades rarely ;-)
For VIP traders
Step 2: Select here niche(s), content type(s) of my sites and to add your URL(s) there:
My Niches and Sites (Close All | Open All):
You can select and add more than one niche/type here for once!
Step 3: Fill here your contacts and press "I filled my contacts" button

Please make the step 2 before...
Here will be a form for your contacts

Step 4: A checking future trades

Please make the step 3 before...
Here you will be able to check trades for trading

Step 5: Checking your site titles and an adding trades

Please make the step 4 before...
Here will be only a submit button for registering trades ;-)

Step 6: Text instruction for you after an adding

Please make the step 5 before...
Here you will get a text instruction for adding from your side. It's a finish! :-)